Seamless Urethane Floor Coatings

A More Cost Effective Solution

Urethane Flooring, Windsor

Epoxy-Rite specializes in urethane flooring in the Windsor Ontario region for its residential, commercial and industrial customers. Urethane, also known as polyurethane is a flooring system we use as more of a wear surface that protects epoxy. Urethane floor coatings are often chosen for the protection they offer against thermal shock and thermal cycling. While epoxy is an excellent flooring solution we believe the best approach is to use epoxy to build up floors and then apply urethane to seal and protect the underlying coatings.

Urethane Flooring for Commercial Kitchens & High Temperature Areas

Food & Beverage
Commercial Kitchens

Urethane Flooring Benefits

Epoxy-Rite frequently installs urethane floor coatings over epoxy because it is a better wear surface. Below are some other benefits of urethane.

  • Outlasts unsealed epoxy 3:1, with better wear and abrasion results.
  • Thermal shock resistant to extreme temperature changes.
  • Urethane is extremely resilient and protective against heavy traffic, physical damage, and exposure to a variety of oils, chemicals and hazards
  • Our urethane flooring systems provide anti-microbial properties to help block the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and molds.
  • Seamless flooring that is smooth and moisture resistant.
  • Urethane floors have excellent slip resistance for your safety.
  • Attractive with various decorative finishes – solids, quartz, metallic, flake.
  • High reflective finish improves workplace lighting.
  • Eco friendly, odor free VOC formula improves indoor air quality.

Industries Suitable for Urethane Flooring

Urethane coatings is very popular in a wide variety of commercial and industrial sectors. are common in OEM manufacturing

  • Commercial Kitchens where urethane flooring provides seamless stain and slip-resistant flooring that is easy to clean.
  • Food & Beverage Facilities that require long-lasting durable floors that stand up to harsh chemicals, thermal shock, spills, organic acids and frequent cleaning. Urethane coatings also protect against bacterial growth.
  • Healthcare Facilities prefer urethane floors for hygienic protection. Urethane is used in operating rooms, patient rooms, labs and clinics.
  • Warehousing & Manufacturing Companies for protection against slip hazards such as oil and greases.

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Choosing the Right Flooring Solution

Urethane top coats are solid all-around solutions for various industry types. It is frequently mixed with epoxy for a more durable, stronger finish against scratching, corroding, yellowing, and heat/cold extremes. Depending on the intended use and location, we will create an epoxy / urethane application that is suitable for your concrete floor. With a wide variety of different epoxy and urethane flooring systems available its important to selected the right applications for a beautiful long lasting floor.

Our Urethane Flooring Process

After all items have been removed from your concrete floor surface, we use a dust free industrial grinder to prepare your floor. The grinding head consists of diamond blades that lightly cut your floor’s surface preparing it for maximum adhesion. During the process, old stains and coatings are removed. Cracks are also repaired and uneven floors are leveled.

Once all the grinding has been completed vacuuming is required before an primer is applied. The best adhesion requires a clean floor, free of any dust, lime, sand, or other contaminants. The epoxy coating is then properly mixed for your flooring requirements and the process of applying the coatings and finishes begins. The urethane coating is than mixed and applied overtop of the epoxy. The sealants interact with the concrete to create a hard surface that is far stronger than normal concrete coatings.

Why Choose Epoxy-Rite?

  • Over 30 years experience with all types of flooring systems
  • We offer multiple solutions to meet your flooring needs
  • We use only100% solid, commercial grade epoxy
  • Our epoxy is non-flammable and CIFA approved
  • We use zero volatile organic compounds, environ friendly
  • We offer competitive prices
  • Excellent service from project start to finish
  • All of our work is guaranteed

Service Area

Our service area for urethan flooring installations includes Windsor, Tecumseh, Amherstburg, LaSalle, Lakeshore, Essex, Kingsville and Leamington.